Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety (QEHS) policy

At Staticus we believe that setting an example as a socially and environmentally responsible company while delivering our unique façade solutions is fundamental to our long-term sustainability and financial strength. Therefore our design, manufacturing, installation and warranty services are based on quality, environmental and health and safety policies stated below:

  • Manufacture products and provide services that match or exceed our partners’ expectations as well as any mandatory requirements from European Union or local authorities where we operate.
  • Follow and exceed when possible legal and normative environmental, occupational safety and health regulations through our business activities in any country.
  • Constantly strive for the highest level of customer service and continuously improve our quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system.
  • Create and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Apply the same requirements for quality, work safety and environmental protection to suppliers and subcontractors working in our facilities.
  • Pre-emptively assess operational, environmental and occupational safety risks to improve plan accuracy, save resources and achieve the best economic results.
  • Maximize efficient use of natural resources. Minimize and where possible eliminate waste.
  • Only utilize green energy (locally sourced renewable energy) to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.
  • Contribute to the generation of renewable energy with the solar modules installed on our facilities.
  • Faithfully follow production technology requirements and use only materials of declared properties in manufacturing. Search for alternatives to replace or at least minimize plastic consumption. Use only reusable package covers and FSC-certified wood or metal in our packaging.
  • Educate employees on their impact on the environment and train them to reduce or mitigate it.
  • Continue to create a healthy and safe working environment by reinforcing and rewarding safe working practices to prevent injuries, accidents, and work-related illnesses in the workplace.
  • Consistently improve employee development programs, productivity-enhancing technologies and organizational processes.
  • Involve all employees in implementing this policy by fostering a culture that prioritizes a safe work environment. Employees are encouraged to suspend work that does not meet the environmental, occupational health and safety requirements and may negatively impact the health of our employees, the environment or the company’s performance and reputation.

This policy is periodically analyzed, evaluated and subjected to improvements at the highest management level.

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Aušra Vankevičiūtė

Staticus CEO

15 10 2021